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Here at Rosse Posse Acres, we love our critters.  We have over 150 animals at last count. 

Here are some pictures of what you might see:


Here's a picture of Brenda starting a tour in the barn.  The lecture is educational and fun!  This local elementary school class is really intrigued by the massive elk antlers hanging on the wall. 

This school tour decided to pull up a bale of hay and have lunch.  No, silly, they didn't eat hay for lunch -- they sat on the hay bales while eating lunch!

On a beautiful summer day, this group of children attended Camp Iwannagowild!  A couple of hay bales and some plywood makes the perfect easel for creating that masterpiece for mom.  And our grove of huge oak trees guarantees shade to keep you out of the summer sun.

This school group is feeding apples to the bulls.  As part of our "Pumpkin Patch 2006", we had the kids toss apples over the fence to the bulls.  The paved walking trail keeps our guests out of the mud on those wet Autumn days.

This little guy is part of a local day care tour.  He never did tell me what had him so concerned, but I think he was just realizing that the Pumpkin Patch/Elk Farm tour was over, which meant it was back to the classroom for him and his school mates.

The second grade class from Country Christian School seemed to really enjoy the Pumpkin Patch/Elk Farm tour.

Brenda just loves her miniature donkeys!  Here she is grooming them and making them all pretty for the petting zoo.

Lot's of Pygmy goats...Little Sierra finally caught one! 


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