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About the Tours and Petting Zoo....

Take a pictorial virtual tour now!

Unlike many elk farms, we welcome the public at Rosse Posse Acres.  Brenda loves people, and she loves to give people the tour of our farm.  Her tours are very informative, educational, and entertaining: informative as she describes to you how the ranch works and interesting facts we've learned along the way about elk; educational as she presents on antler growth, ivory teeth, and other facts about elk; and entertaining as she spices up the tour with anecdotes about calving, antler removal, and the rut.  The tour includes:

  • Tour of the handling facility and barn

    The tour begins with an educational lecture in the barn.  We discuss the difference between antlers and horns, the antler development life cycle, antler uses, and other interesting antler facts.  There are many sets of antlers on display in our barn.  We also talk about elk ivory teeth, what they are used for, and demonstrate the difference between a bull's ivory teeth and a cow's ivory teeth.  We have spike antlers, antler burls, ivory teeth, and hooves that we pass around so our guests can learn by touching.

    At this point in the tour we lay down the rules for going out and seeing the elk: No sticking your hands through the fence!


  • Bring the elk up close with grain: great opportunity to take pictures!

    After the barn tour we move out to the pasture where the elk are.  Watch as they come running to the call of "candy" as Brenda serves them up some whole oats (an elk favorite!).  Spend some time watching and learning the sounds, smells, and moods of elk.  Our paved walking trail ensures everybody can get close to the elk, even the handicapped!


  • Petting Zoo: kids love it!

     After you've gotten your fill of elk, it's the kids' turn to visit the petting zoo.  We have very friendly small animals to love on including pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, ducks, and chickens.  Children love to run around the petting zoo chasing goats. We also have Fallow Deer, a Wallaby, and a Patagonian Cavy to view in the petting zoo. 

    Because we're concerned with your safety and health, we have an ample supply of hand sanitizer that we insist each guest uses before and after visiting the petting zoo.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT allow petting of the elk in our petting zoo for several reasons, including the health of our elk as well as insurance reasons.  The public is NOT ALLOWED to touch or handle our elk.  Please understand this rule.  Our small barnyard animals will try their best to accommodate your need to pet animals. :)

  • Gift Shop

    Our tour ends with a visit to our gift shop.  We have all sorts of knick-knacks for sale including antler necklaces, earrings, belt buckles, bolo ties, t-shirts, etc.  Perhaps most importantly, this is where our public restroom is located.

The tour usually runs approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

Tours are by appointment only.  If you'd like to schedule a tour, just call or Email us and we can arrange a date and time that is convenient for both of us.

The charge is just $8.00 per person.  The elk farm tour is especially conducive to large groups such as schools, special interest groups, and retirement centers.  If your group would be interested in combining an elk farm tour with some other activity (such as arts & crafts, sack lunch, etc.), then please call us to discuss what you have in mind.  We have a large oak grove that is wonderful for Summertime activities.  If the weather is inclement, then we can arrange the barn to facilitate your needs.  We look forward to working with you and hosting your next group event.

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