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Our Miniature Schnauzers

Announcements:  Like us on Facebook (search for "Rosse Posse Acres, Inc.") and you can more closely follow the puppy saga.

About our Miniature Schnauzers:  Miniature Schnauzers?  On an Elk Ranch???  Well, yeah.  It all started when Brenda fell in love with her dad's "Snorky" (Yorkshire terrier, Schnauzer mix) and decided that we needed a cute, cuddly, lovable "inside" pet.  We decided on a Miniature Schnauzer that Brenda found from a reputable breeder in Washington state.  "We decided" meaning she saw this puppy's face on the breeder's website and was completely smitten.  But can you blame her?  It turns out that Miniature Schnauzers are the perfect inside animal.  They are clean, don't shed hair, and are mild mannered.  Besides all that, they are absolutely adorable!

Queen Quincy of Rosse Posse Acres: That is Quincy's official name.  She is registered with the AKC and she was born on 17-Aug-2009.  She is intelligent, playful, quiet, and loves her people.  Quincy is "black and silver".  Brenda brought her home and the next time her Dad visited they decided that he needed to get a male Miniature Schnauzer because it would be fun to breed them and have puppies.  So that's what they did and our venture into breeding Miniature Schnauzers was begun.

Sandra Kremer's Rambo:  That's what Dick named his male Miniature Schnauzer. Dick is Brenda's dad. Rambo is really nothing like his name implies: he is such a cute and cuddly little guy!  Rambo is solid black.  He is registered with the AKC and he was born on 8-Nov-2009.

Franklin:  This is Dick's Yorkshire Terrier.  He is the sire to our "Snorky" puppies (Min. Schnauzer / Yorkshire Terrier mix).  He is the cutest little dog.  His nick-name is "Monkey".


Well there you have it.  You've met Quincy, Rambo, and Franklin.  As you can see, these are all family pet dogs who are well loved and cared for.  In other words, this is no "puppy mill" operation.  We just thought it would be fun to breed these dogs and have puppies.  Brenda loves the babies.  Her favorite time on the farm is Spring when everything seems to be having babies.  So it was just natural that we would breed our dog and give Brenda some baby puppies to play with.

Sadly, farms don't run on love alone.  So we are going to sell our Miniature Schnauzer and Snorky puppies to help feed the rest of our critters.  Brenda hates this part of farm life, but she is getting tougher and better at dealing with having to let her critters go.  Obviously, we want our puppies to go to good homes with people who will love them and care for them, and we will do our best to ensure potential buyers are good people.  In return, we will do our very best to have these puppies ready to go.  That means we will:

  • Have their tails docked and dew claws removed
  • Have all their worming and shots/vaccinations completed
  • We do not crop their ears

Call us at (503) 829-7107 for more details including pricing and availability, or to make arrangements for purchasing a puppy.

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